Adsorption Isotherms and Vaporization Latent Heat of Malagueta Pepper Seeds

Hellismar Wakson da Silva, Renato Souza Rodovalho


The aim of this study was to determine and model malagueta pepper seeds’ adsorption isotherms, as well as to estimate the vaporization latent heat released during adsorption process. Hygroscopic balance moisture contents were determined by static method, using six saline solutions and three temperatures. Clausius-       -Clapeyron equation used to calculate malagueta pepper seeds vaporization latent heat. From obtained results, it was concluded that temperature increase promotes malagueta pepper seeds moisture content reduction, in constant water activity. The Modified Oswin model properly adjusted to the experimental data, satisfactorily representing pepper seeds adsorption isotherms. The energy released during the adsorption process, represented by vaporization latent heat, increases with moisture content reduction, ranging from 2762.92 to 2495.56 kJ kg-1for moisture contents from 0.056 to 0.134 (db).


Capsicum frutescens L.; Sementes; Higroscopicidade; Energia.

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