Economic analysis of irrigated bean production in function of nitrogen fertilization management and inoculation of seeds

Arthur Pacheco, Adriano da Silva Lopes, Omar Jorge Sabbag, Eder Duarte Fanaya Júnior, Marcos Jefferson Kraeski, Fernando Braz Tangerino Hernandez, Carla Deisiane de Oliveira Costa do Val, Adriano de França


The best period and method for the application of nitrogen fertilization, as well as the use of inoculation or not of bean seeds, are variables that can be of great value to the producer from an agroeconomic point of view when considering the selection of the correct irrigation management. So, the aim of this study was to perform an eco­nomic analysis of the irrigated bean, according to different fertilization managements and seed inoculation. The work was conducted in the municipality of Aquidauana-MS, Brazil in the experimental area of the State University of Mato Grosso do Sul, using the cultivar IAC Milênio with sowing during the winter season. The experimental was setup in a completely randomized block design with four replications. Nitrogen fertilization (sowing, cover and foliar) and seed inoculation (absence and presence) were used in the plots. For economic analysis of the irrigated common bean, calculation of the total production cost was performed, in function of the effective operational cost and the total operational cost. To determine the profitability of the treatments involved, the following values were calculated: gross revenue, net revenue, profitability index, equilibrium price and equilibrium productivity. The eco­nomic analysis response of the irrigated bean varied according to the different fertilization managements and inoculation of seeds, where nitrogen application at sowing and seed inoculation presented economic results. Alt­hough the cost of production varied little, the profitability indices of each treatment vary in function of the produc­tivity obtained. Nitrogen fertilization at sowing and inoculation of seeds with Rhizobium tropici provided increased net revenue for the common bean.

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