Mini-cuttings of forest and fruit species

Jecilene Silva de Jesus, Volcy Ruben Dorléans, Denis Pereira Ribeiro, George Andrade Sodré, Rafael Marani Barbosa


Mini-cutting is an important alternative for the production of seedlings of forest and fruit species. The technique is seen as an improvement in cutting, displaying variations for optimizing both the rooting and the quality of clonal seedling. Through this technique it is possible to propagate genotypes with superior characteristics, make better use of the parent plant, and overcome the difficulties of seed propagation. In this context, this review will address the use of vegetative propagation from mini-cuttings of forest and fruit species, highlighting the main advantages of this technique and the use of exogenous inducers and substrates for maximum rooting of seedlings. Despite the potential of minicutting for the propagation of different species, research is still needed so that new knowledge helps to expand its use in agriculture.

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